The Ontario Senior Officers’ Police Association was incorporated on April 11, 2000. The OSOPA president at the time was William Watts and the law firm Armstrong, Meakings of Barrie, Ontario handled the incorporation. The letter patent document link is:

OSOPA letter patent (incorporation)

Our Vision, Mission and Objectives:

The Ontario Senior Officers’ Police Association’s membership is comprised of a unique group of sworn and civilian police leaders from Municipal, Regional and Provincial Police Services throughout Ontario. To be a “Senior Officer” police officers must hold the rank of Inspector or higher, but not be a Chief or Deputy Chief of Police and civilians must be employed in a confidential or supervisory capacity, as defined within the Police Services Act. OSOPA represents over 500 senior officers and the interests of 30 Senior Officer Associations across the Province. There are three categories of membership: Active, Life and Honourary. The Association meets for combined training and social events that permit the exchange of knowledge, methodology and networking.


The Ontario Senior Officers’ Police Association will be recognized as the leader of Ontario’s Police Senior Officers presenting a unified voice on matters affecting policing and police service members.


The Ontario Senior Officers’ Police Association shall promote the mutual interests of its members to ensure Senior Officers are duly represented at the provincial and federal levels in matters related to the police profession and the standards of policing services.

Our objectives:

To unite fraternally and to promote the mutual interests of the members of the Association; to uphold the honour of the police profession; to elevate the standards of police services; and to encourage a cordial and co-operative intercourse among the members of this Association and police personnel in general.

To encourage and assist Association members by recommending policies and/or procedures, either provincial or federal, which are conducive to the Association’s interests.

To act as a resource/information centre for the assistance of the members.

Constitution and By-laws:

OSOPA Constitution and Bylaws: Constitution and By-Laws November 2021